Work in progress


Two men (Joseph David & Andrew Kötting) are trying to pump out a homemade machine. It is perched at 7 meters above the ground on the overpass concrete from the old way of Aérotrain between Paris and Orleans. Problem, the line of each side is unfinished. Why do they pump ? We do not know anything, either. All we know : they continued to pump going from one point to another for 10 days.


The film is both a performance, a fiction and a documentary about the absurdity and utopian projections that can be found in the man's relationship to the machine and here in this case in the means of transport.


During these 10 days, the two protagonists remain perched on the structure. They will live there, sleep and eat. They will produce movies...



- Trailer -
- 2011 -


And meanwhile they pumped... (following)

Locations carried out with Olivier Cousin early 2012


- Locations -
- 2012 -